For 4 years and counting, Velocity Aerospace – Burbank has been the winner of the OneAero Top Shop Best Gyro Repair Award!



For 2015, we are striving to win the following categories:

Best Gyro Repair

Best Avionics & Instrument Repair

Best Electrical Accessories Repair

Best Fuel Systems Repair


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Velocity Aerospace – Burbank is proud to be the winner of the Lockheed Martin

100% Quality and Delivery Award!

Lockheed Award


“Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance combat, air mobility, and reconnaissance & surveillance aircraft, relief heavily on our supply base to provide key and critical components required to meet our Customer obligations and support the needs of the War Fighter. Velocity Aerospace is one of those companies we depend on for products and services that meet our exacting delivery and quality standards.


In 2013, Velocity Aerospace has successfully demonstrated its commitment to excellence with 100% on-time delivery and quality of their products to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. Your ability, workmanship, and superior standard of performance have been instrumental in supporting the commitments of Lockheed Martin to its customers.


Lockheed Martin wishes to thank Velocity Aerospace and its employees for showing continued commitment to bringing the best quality and value to our Customer and the War Fighter in 2013.”


- Tom Simmons, VP Supply Chain Management

-Alex Eksir, VP Quality & Mission Success