Company History

Velocity Aerospace Group is a combination of unique business units within the aerospace industry. Our mission statement is to daily, strive for:

  • World Class service to our customers
  • An unending commitment to quality improvements and innovative solutions
  • Fair and Honest business dealings with our vendor partners

Velocity Aerospace is able to accomplish this with experience and dedication spanning a combined total of over 100 years. Formerly, A. Biederman, JDC Company and DCL Avionics and EDN Aviation, we’ve individually earned the respect of our customers by providing expert component repair and overhaul services, avionics sales and installation as well as distribution services. This unmatched commitment along with our world class customer service continued as the initial three business units became part of the Triumph Group family of companies during 1990’s. Velocity Aerospace purchased these facilities in early April 2013 as their first acquisition into the aerospace market. EDN Aviation was acquired in April 2014 and is Velocity’s second acquisition.