Custom & Specialized Repairs

In today’s economic environment, it is difficult to find unique ways to improve maintenance programs and cut expenses. With years of experience in developing new repair capabilities, our engineers and technicians are highly skilled in product development. This expertise has pushed Velocity Aerospace to form a “Special Services” team. If you have a part with consistent repair issue or have limited and costly repair sources contact us. We will work closely with you to provide an added capability as your alternate solution. Everyone benefits. If you would like to submit a new capability, please contact your Field Sales representative or forward an email using our “Contact Us” form.


1104 Gauge Assembly
Fuel tanks on P-3 Orion Aircraft had a tendency to collect water which can cause an engine flame-out.  The US Navy solicited Velocity to develop a solution for this potential hazard.  Velocity’s astute engineers designed a gauge assembly P/N 1104-1A, that measures the hydrostatic pressure, converts it into pounds of fuel, then removes the water and impurities from the tanks.

TCAS Antenna
Previously there were no cost-effective repair options for defective Collins TCAS Antennas. The only option available was a replacement at an extensive cost to the operator. By developing and writing our own Repair Specification we are able to repair and overhaul these antennas. This program has proven to be widely successful and has saved our customers millions of dollars over the last four years.

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