New Hires in the company!

Isabel Villatoro is the new account executive for Velocity Aerospace at our headquarters in Frisco Texas.  She is  a sales veteran who will be specializing in solving business problems for aviation clients of all sizes worldwide.


Congratulations to Cynthine Johnson, the new Project Manager for Velocity Aerospace. Cynthine’s background includes a great blend of roles in the Aerospace Industry. She started in the US Army as an Avionics technician in Germany and from there worked with companies such as Honeywell, Cessna, and Bombardier. She holds a business degree from Michigan State and an MBA from University of Phoenix. Please, let’s welcome her!
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Coya Davis is the new Marketing Executive from Nashville, Tennessee. As a recent college graduate, she is eager to join our company and start her career in the Aerospace Industry. She will located be at the headquarters in Frisco, TX. She will handle advertising, promotional materials, trade shows, and much more! There are many great ideas on the table that she has come up with to amp our Marketing Department.



Zain Kinnare is our Data Analyst from Memphis, Tennessee. He will be located at the HQ location in Frisco, TX. He is fresh out of his Masters program, and is looking forward to working and learning from the data and company. He will be aiding with data processing in many different areas of the company. Welcome Zain!