Pay Invoice

Have an Invoice that needs to be paid?

Use our online service provided by Paypal! (Velocity Aerospace-NMB only)



Paypal Payment is currently available for Velocity Aerospace-NMB only.
If you are a Net 30 Day Customer who wishes to use this service to make a payment, please contact our customer service department before processing the payment. If you are a pre-pay customer, you must receive an invoice from Velocity Aerospace-NMB customer service department before using this service. The invoice must include the amount of your order and the service charge for using this feature.  If a payment is processed before an invoice is issued and the incorrect amount is processed, this will delay the processing of your order and additional fees will apply.

Invoice Number

By clicking on the “Pay Now” button, you agree to pay the amount listed on the invoice along with the service charge fee listed below which you must add to the total amount to be paid on the next screen. Transactions that the service charge is not added to, will remain as incomplete, unpaid and open which may/will delay the shipment of your order.

Domestic Transactions: 3.0%   I   International Transactions 4.0%